Martu Objects

Finely wrought baskets, expertly carved wooden spears, karli (Martu boomerang) and grass sandals showcase how the Martu blend traditional skills with new materials and techniques. 

The carved objects featured, karli (boomerang) and jurna (sticks used in fighting and hunting) are made by Martu men from desert woods.

The baskets are woven by Martu artists from wool and specific grasses found in the Western Desert. 

Thelma Judson's Bouncy Basket 
Based on a woven basket by Martu artist Thelma Judson, a giant inflatable walk-in basket was created for the interactive enteratainment of adults and kids alike. 


Thelma Judson, woven grass and wool basket 

Installation of woven grass and wool baskets during We don't need a map at Fremantle Arts Centre, 2012 

Yunkurra Billy Atkins, carved jarra (shield) 

 Yunkurra Billy Atkins, carved karli (boomerang)

 Karli and jurna on display at the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre during We don't need a map, December 2014 

Female Martu artists demonstrating coil basket weaving during We don't need a map at the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre, December 2014 

Kids playing in Thelma Judson's giant bouncy basket at the opening of We don't need a map, Fremantle Arts Centre, 2012, photo: Maria Noakes 

Thelma Judson outside the bouncy basket during We don't need a map at Fremantle Arts Centre, 2012

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